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About Runit

Since 1992, Runit Systems has worked hand-in-hand with apparel, footwear, and sports retailers, first in New York City, and ultimately around the world, to develop and deliver the industry’s fastest, most comprehensive and flexible POS & Inventory Management system. Through many evolutions and nearly three decades of learning from our merchant users, we continue to deliver a fully integrated retail management and multi-channel system that is as comfortable with one hundred stores as with three, and with any combination of physical and virtual locations.  What’s more, Runit’s RealTime Cloud POS gives you access to the latest advances in technology on a commitment-free, subscription basis, so you don’t have to choose between managing your business and making your budget.


An early pioneer in cloud POS for specialty retailers, we continue to innovate today.


We were the first in the industry to see the potential of Windows-based point-of-sale software. In 1995, we introduced the touchscreen interface to the specialty retail industry with the release of the Microsoft Windows-based Runit Retail Software Suite.


In January 2001, we took that end-user-friendly approach a step further with the launch of the first cloud POS for specialty retailers — Runit RealTime. Once again, we charted a course that many in retail technology have now followed, by facilitating centrally-managed data and operations in real-time. Our innovations have allowed independent retailers to reap the rewards of a simple, cost-effective and comprehensive retail system minus traditional upfront investments in software and hardware, as well as maintenance and staffing costs.


Back in 2001, we were only getting started. With more recent introductions such as our full-featured iPad POS option, our iOS and Android smartphone apps for on-the-go business intelligence dashboards, our powerful e-commerce integrations, our Avalara sales tax integration and our gorgeous, marketing oriented eReceipts like no other, the creative juices continue to flow. Stay tuned for more exciting developments.


Runit RealTime lets you, the retailer, conduct and control your business from anywhere, so you can make immediate and impactful decisions.


The flexibility afforded the specialty retailer by Runit knows no limits. For example, the days of lugging an entire register to an event, or settling for a calculator and a cash-box are over. Many of our sports merchants, for example, regularly bring Runit RealTime to the sporting events they attend, selling from a laptop or an iPad, as if they are back at the stores. Their records and inventory are kept up-to-date, even though they or their staff may be far from home. And, since Runit RealTime does not place complex hardware requirements on the user, it’s easy to “Runit” on hardware you already own.


No commitment required, yet 95%+ merchant retention over 5+ years


Having blazed a trail in the “cloud” since 2001, Runit RealTime has become a leading provider of hosted POS to specialty retailers, with more than 5000 retailers globally running their business in the security of the Runit Cloud each day.


Step up to the Runit Cloud, and benefit from the wisdom and ever-expanding knowledge base built from supporting merchants throughout the United States (including Hawaii), Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Australia.


From our headquarters in the heart of New York City’s Fashion District, our staffs of Sales, Support, Configuration, Development and Operations professionals are ready to help you every step of the way.

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Daniel Solomons


Daniel Solomons, CEO

Like most people who grew up in a retail family, Daniel has early memories of helping during vacations in his parents’ gift stores, whether behind the registers, in the warehouse, wrapping gifts at the holidays and generally making sure customers were happy. Those memories, in addition to countless dinner-time conversations, provided a powerful education in the realities and challenges of succeeding in retail. Graduating in 1991 from the University of California at Riverside with a dual Political Science and Business degree, Daniel became a serial entrepreneur from a young age.

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Robert Marcus


Robert Marcus, President

As a teenager, a number of years before co-founding Runit, Robert was afforded an intimate view of the needs of size-based retailers when he began assisting in his father’s Fila wholesaling business.In 1992, a year before graduating from Rutgers with a degree in Industrial Engineering, Robert established, with a friend, the company that would become Runit Systems, and began creating a DOS-based POS geared specifically to the needs of Shoe, Apparel and Sports retailers.

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Orren Grushkin

Head of Development

Orren Grushkin, Head of Development

A 20+ year veteran of Runit, with over 25 years of client facing IT experience, Orren brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as Head of Development, having worked on an array of complex and diverse projects.
Orren graduated in 1992 from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor’s of Science, double majoring in Industrial Management and Information & Decision Systems. From 1992 to 1994 he worked as a consultant for Computer Sciences Corporation Consulting, where he worked with Sanofi-Winthrop on the development of their Hospital Incentive System.

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Steve Treiber

VP Product & Implementation

Steve Treiber, VP Product & Implementation

Steve brings more than 30 years of experience within the areas of technology and retail management from single store to enterprise level software solutions. As VP Product & Implementation, he oversees new client training and implementation, as well as the evolution of the Runit RealTime suite. Steve’s expertise in the areas of business analysis and project management was gained through his direct role in software implementation, as well as his day-to-day involvement with Runit’s development, sales and support teams.

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Our Integration Partners

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Join our team of partners. Deliver to your customers the most comprehensive, full-featured, turnkey retail software package on the market. At Runit, we take this word very seriously. Partnership means that we will do everything in our power to help our business partners achieve optimal success. Our real time system offers the best price-to-performance value in the retail industry. We offer your clients benefits from an integrated solution that is fully customizable to fit their needs for the long haul. To help you get started on the way to a prosperous relationship with Runit RealTime, please contact us via email or phone.

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Is your platform targeted at specialty retailers? Runit’s development team welcomes the opportunity to discuss the benefits of integrating your systems with ours. Contact us by phone or email to discuss integration opportunities.