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Run your business with Runit - the Cloud POS for fine specialty retailers everywhere.
With Runit RealTime, every subscription is packed with our 25+ years of experience working exclusively with fine specialty retail chains everywhere. There's just no match for the attention to detail you'll find in every feature. Selling online? You'll love the incomparable flexibility of our integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce and Salesforce. Add our legendary 24x7x365 personalized support in the mix, and the total experience can't be matched. Request a customized demo today!
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Our Retailers Speak About the Runit Difference

"Overall, Runit is an easy to use and very user-friendly POS. The customer service is excellent as the staff seems to be able to come up with solutions to our unique issues!"

- Ellis Louie
VP of IT + Online Operations, Martin & MacArthur (17 Stores)
Based in Hawaii
Gifts Retailer

"Fantastic POS that has helped us scale from mom-and-pop to growth story. All the tools needed to grow a successful retail business. Support is fantastic. I highly recommend Runit for retailers looking for a system they can grow into."

- Jordan Edwards
President, Mixology Clothing Company (15 Stores)
Based in New York
Apparel Retailer

"When we were looking for a solution at the time as a 19 store operation we were too big for many solutions and too small for others. We found Runit fit the bill allowing us to grow from 19 to upwards of 75 locations along with our backoffice support and integrate with our Distribution Center(s) and Online Business. The ability to grow with us rapidly at times is a major plus to Runit."

- Timothy Styler
VP, Distribution, Procurement and Operational Solutions, JackRabbit & Olympia Sports (135 stores)
Based in Denver
Running Specialty & Sporting Goods

"Software is very easy to use. Tons of reports that are available to better your business and help it run more efficiently."

- Brian Doyre
Director of Operations, 1st Place Sports (6 Stores)
Based in Florida
Sporting Goods Retailer

"Runit is easy to use and very user-friendly. This is my first experience with this type of program and I found it pretty easy to catch on to. The customer service has been excellent! There is never a long wait time and the people on the phone are always very knowledgeable..."

- Alexandra Behar
Retail Operations Manager, Ike Behar (6 Stores)
Based in Florida
Apparel Retailer

"We have been using Runit 12 years now. We love it. It is super easy to use, customer service is great. We don't have to worry about updates and I even have an app on my iPhone so I can see sales live in all my locations."

- Stephen Moore
CEO, Cloister Collection (5 Stores)
Based in Georgia
Apparel Retailer

"This is a great and economical solution to POS systems. A very deep program steeped in back-office reporting to control inventory for multi-store usage. The front side of the POS system is easy to use with powerful reporting abilities. Great customer service and support with a minimum of technical blips."

- Rusty Lester
CEO/Owner, Frances Kahn, Inc. (3 Stores)
Based in Virginia
Apparel Retailer

"We came to Runit a few years ago, interested in their integrated inventory and POS system. We spoke at length to 3 different POS companies. We were most impressed by how RUNIT's software could take our business to the next level."

- Fred Whitefield
Owner, Convert (3 Stores)
Based in California
Apparel Retailer

"Absolute Love! Never found better and more seamless POS. CRM is so easy it helps grow your business as all information is at your fingertips. 
Customer service is real time and they will do the best in every way. Best customer service team!"

- Yaf Boye-Flaegel
Owner, Yaf Sparkle (1 Store)
Based in New York
Gifts Retailer

"So many other companies I have had to deal with either have too much of a process just to get to a person to help or unattainable. I am very pleased with the fact that when I have a problem, day or night, I can actually reach a knowledgeable professional that is going to get me to the other side. I wish more companies were like this."

- Joe Brigden
Manager, The Shoe Market (1 Store)
Based in North Carolina
Footwear Retailer

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