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Inventory Management System for Retailers

For all retailers, success depends on your ability to control your inventory. If your stores are out of stock, you will lose sales. If you are over-stocked, it will negatively impact your store’s cash flow. Runit meets this challenge by combining real-time access to your critical stock information with powerful, yet easy-to-use inventory management system tools – ensuring you have unprecedented control over your business’s cash flow and one of its most important assets.

Maximize your inventory management system investment by better managing each locations optimum stock level. Real-time updates allow your business to reduce inventory across all locations and to correctly time your stock replenishment, creating a true omnichannel retail strategy.

From any store, you can view quantities for any location. This information can be viewed “on the fly” while in the midst of generating a purchase order, transfer order, sales receipt, or other system activity, so you can keep the optimum stock balance between stores using the most accurate stock information.

Key Features of the Inventory Management System:

  • Inventory screens show store and company totals on hand, on order, received, sold, and in-transit for each inventory item.
  • Inventory is tracked by a vendor, brand, department, type, subtype, style, season, color, size etc.
  • Flexible inventory formats include sized matrices with unlimited extensions per style.
  • Better manage your inventory profitability with the automatic pricing option which calculates your initial retail prices based on pre-set markup from cost price.
  • Accurate tax features accommodate the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australian compliance standards, including special tax rates on merchandise that is above or below a threshold price.
  • Increase sales by automatically suggesting complementary inventory items to the customer’s receipt at the register.
  • Optimize your inventory with superior price management features that offer to boost merchandise sales and sell-through by focusing on merchandise groups, inventory status, and historical sales.
  • Setup and activate price changes at any time during the day – allowing you to quickly take advantage of new opportunities or simply match the competition’s prices.
  • Exceptional inventory detail– each inventory item has a three-level department structure, dedicated price-point field, multiple user-defined categories such as season, gender, material, etc. Plus, unlimited UPC and barcode formats, a 25 character small description field and a larger description field with an unrestricted text capacity, an area for a digital picture, serial numbers, size, color and much, much more.
  • Physical inventory reconciliation to ensure strong shrinkage controls.

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