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The Runit Implementation Journey

We understand all the hard work you put into your stores every day, and how difficult it can be to switch your entire operation to a new retail management system. With over 25 years of experience, our team of experts ensures a seamless transition by guiding you through each step of our implementation methodology in as little as three weeks.



  • Identify your project leader and key personnel
  • Set schedule and roll-out timeline to match your requirements
  • Develop checklist for the business processes key to your success
  • Identify POS and back-office nodes for all locations, along with cabled and wireless connectivity requirements
  • Identify required POS, back-office and credit card processing equipment, and
    third-party data integrations
  • Outline your custom integrations, reports, and sub-projects as needed


Identify key personnel, unique integration and infrastructure requirements, and create a personalized project scope and implementation checklist. We’ll also help establish a critical business process for success.

  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Plan Runit system options and inventory classifications with key merchandise
    team leaders
  • Establish Runit back office connections for buyers and inventory managers
  • Establish your direct relationships with any integrating third parties
  • Establish merchant IDs with client credit card processors
  • Develop email and print receipt logos and artwork
  • Define specifications and acquire POS and back-office equipment, paper
    supplies, and network infrastructure from preferred suppliers as needed
  • Execute on agreed-upon custom programming requirements as needed
  • Define and customize all required staff roles and permissions
  • Enter executives, merchandise, and operation-level staff into system security per appropriate role
  • Ship and set up credit card equipment to designated store locations
  • Sign into credit card portal to prepare for test transactions
  • Plan Runit system POS options for customer service, transaction speed, and
    intelligent management of store inventory with your key store project leader
  • Establish at least one POS connection for testing, rehearsing, and learning
    critical functions
  • Test POS equipment machine options including credit card processing within the practice location(s)
  • Confirm all locations as ready with internet access, Wi-Fi, and phone lines (as required)
  • Conduct configuration testing for third-party integration using sample data


Deploy POS and back-office connections, databases, and supporting infrastructure while building out key transactions and applications.


Assign an in-house team trainer and conduct required training in collaboration with Runit experts.



  • Confirm a test setup of all POS and back office connection, equipment, and Runit
    machine options, including credit card processing
  • Confirm and test all third-party integrations prior to go-live date
  • Set up store level staff security roles and access
  • Import qualified customer contact information as needed
  • Post open transactions including gift cards, gift certificates, store credits, special
    orders, and layaways into Runit a few days prior to go-live date
  • Update warehouse and store count inventory quantities and print new
    merchandise tickets, as required, a few days prior to go-live date
  • Complete a pre-launch checklist of procedures with store staff lead by your in-
    house store trainer and supported by Runit experts


Check all implementation and system integrations, establish staff access and security roles, and confirm store level staff training on key procedures.


Go Live and Support

  • Bring stores live and start ringing up transactions in Runit
  • Bring third-party integrations live and begin utilizing in-store operations
  • Manage and readdress any retail procedures
  • Conduct additional training on key reports and exporting of relevant live


Launch in-house and third party integrations to start ringing up customers with 24/7 live support from Runit.