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Seamless Payments, Card-on-File & Pay-by-Link

Say “goodbye” to your standalone credit card terminal, and say “hello” to instant, error-free credit card payment processing through Runit RealTime. We’ve partnered with credit card processing leader Worldpay by FIS to offer integrated POS and credit card processing, including a range of devices for PC, Mac and iPad.

Benefits of integration include:

  • no more worries about manual errors entering transactions on the terminal
  • no more stapling separate receipts together
  • eliminate sticky notes and cards stored in cell phones with card-on-file and pay-by-link (more details below)
  • enjoy split-second processing and receipt generation
  • reconciling transactions and bank account becomes much easier
  • protect your business with the latest point-to-point encryption or P2PE
  • integrated EMV and Apple Pay (plus other contactless payment methods)
  • tokenization is utilized to eliminate all card data from the process

Seamless card processing through Runit offers the latest security and convenience, as well as enabling you to provide your customer with the experience they have come to expect when shopping at a high quality establishment.

What’s more, Worldpay will make sure you always have a back-up terminal, so you never have to worry about charging a card and completing a sale.


Retaining credit card information for VIP customers and phone orders is a common need in upscale specialty retail. However, many retailers continue to rely upon low-tech and unsafe options, such as storing cards in cell phones or keeping them in spreadsheets or on sticky notes. Retailers can now take advantage of Runit RealTime’s highly secure Card-on-File feature, a method for tokenizing and charging customer credit cards for future transactions that eliminates the storage of sensitive credit card information in both the retailer’s environment and Runit’s data centers. Designed as an intelligent feature, Runit’s Card-on-File alerts the user in the transaction flow when a customer card is available, and allows you to add an additional card without leaving the receipt flow. By streamlining the payment process and adhering to industry-leading security standards, Runit’s Card-on-File feature not only makes it easier for retailers to take payment but also increases a retailer’s security posture and lowers transaction risk, leading to lower processing fees.


Runit introduces its innovative Pay-by-Link feature, solving the problem of securely and easily capturing payment from customers who are shopping from home and working with stylists over the telephone. Pay-by-Link turns every mobile phone into a PIN pad, enabling retailers to capture payment, within seconds, by offering a customer an experience that is almost identical to checking out on a website. Runit’s Pay-by-Link wallet securely retains the customer’s preferred payment cards and billing address, so that once opted in, payments can be completed within seconds of receiving the request via a branded and customizable text message. This fast and secure payment option simplifies the checkout process for remote customers who prefer to not share their credit card information over the telephone, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.

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