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Point of Sale

Whether your stores rely on processing thousands of sales transactions a day or delivering the highest level of personal service to every customer, Runit optimizes your point of sale and store operations.

Runit’s POS is not only fast but easy to use and always accurate. Our intuitive touchscreen point of sale window means your sales associates and cashiers will quickly learn how to ring up sales within minutes. Customize your point of sale window design to best match your store’s needs, ensuring that only important functions are positioned at associates’ fingertips.

Furthermore, since all the information is captured in real-time, customer purchase history is always current, providing cashiers and sales associates the information necessary anticipate and meet their customer’s needs.

Point of Sale Details:

  • Interactive, intuitive POS touchscreen assures rapid checkout time.
  • Customizable point of sale window that matches your store’s needs ensuring that only important functions are available/visible and unnecessary ones are removed.
  • A single point of sale window processes all sales transactions including receipts, layaways, gift certificates, special orders, rental, gift registry and merchandise quotes.
  • Intuitive interface reduces staff training time.
  • Recaps any transaction for any date range.
  • Secure passwords let you control data access.

Keep running without the Cloud

Runit’s POS incorporates an unprecedented automatic local failover capability that ensures uninterrupted sales operations even during internet outages. This robust safeguard empowers retailers to maintain seamless operations, granting access to critical functions like inventory management, customer receipt histories, and vital data. With this feature, retailers gain peace of mind, knowing that their point of sale (POS) systems will continue ringing up sales without interruption.

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