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Layaways and Special Orders

Layaways and special orders can be an important opportunity for some of our merchants.

Let your customer put a purchase aside without having to pay for it in full upfront. Compared to the typically high interest rates on credit cards, this might actually be a better alternative for your customer. That’s why Runit has built an entire module for you to easily manage that part of the business.

Layaways and Special Order Details:

  • Retrieve layaways or special orders by customer name, receipt number, or store layaway or special order number.
  • Review each of the tender types and the payments made for a particular layaway and special order.
  • Enter new inventory at the register when making a special order.
  • Automatically generate a purchase order for items on a special order.
  • Complete payment on a layaway without the customer picking up the merchandise.
  • Bind multiple customers’ special orders to a PO.
  • Advanced discounts and promotional features.
  • Real-time means that you choose when your promotion begins and ends.
  • Markdown a line item by a dollar amount, percent or by entering a new price.
  • Discount an entire receipt by a percentage, a flat dollar amount or by bottom line.
  • Disperse discounts between each item on a receipt.

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