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Purchase Order Management

If you are like most retailers, you want to increase your sales by offering your customers new and exciting merchandise as well as keeping your stores stocked with their tried and true favorites. Runit combines the accuracy of real-time information with powerful purchase order management tools that can successfully manage your business’s purchasing, receiving and distribution of your merchandise.

Instant updates across your business provide you with the critical information you need to be proactive in responding to potential stock issues. Avoid being either under-stocked or over-stocked by ordering merchandise with the confidence that you are ordering the optimum replenishment quantities. Use Runit’s hundreds of specialized reports to analyze sales performance and stock status to project future ordering requirements so you are always providing your customers with precisely what they want.

Purchase Order Management Details:

  • Runit’s auto-order feature calculates suggested orders from the minimum and maximum stock levels and historical sales performance from any date range.
  • Generate a purchase order using the pre-set minimum and maximum stock levels on items and by location.
  • Create and order merchandise for a specific brand, department, season, gender and so on that has a minimum sell-through percentage from last holiday season or has sold at least 10 units in the past two weeks.
  • Improve your inventory control with instant knowledge of your purchase order status—open, overdue and closed.
  • Assign searchable categories, types, and comments to each purchase order, ensuring complete reporting and analysis of your ordered merchandise status and movements.
  • Maximize each purchase order with pre- and post-receiving distribution plans. Easy-to-use sophisticated distribution tools automatically calculate allocation quantities for each of your store’s needs.
  • Better manage inventory and reduce unnecessary stock balancing with the flexibility to generate a purchase order for central receiving or drop shipments.
  • Flexible purchase order formats include sized matrices with unlimited extensions per style.
  • Calculate “Best-Runs” to automatically re-order a style’s optimum number of units based upon your budgeted dollars or unit limits Real Time current on hand, on order, receiving and in-transit information for all stores while making a purchase order.
  • Real-time current on hand, on order, receiving and in-transit information for all stores while making a purchase order.

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