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Return Merchant Authorization

We all hate processing returns but they are a part of doing business. So why not make them as easy and painless to process as possible?

Whether it’s a damaged good or simply a product that the customer no longer wants, Runit makes it easy to issue an RMA and process the return. Upon completing the return, the system will automatically update the inventory, sales, and credit card information.

Runit will also provide multiple reports and analyses that you can run to see if this return is an anomaly or perhaps a trend with a particular merchant or brand.

Return Merchant Authorization Details:

  • Return damaged items to the vendor via RA.
  • Download from data collector or scan merchandise to be shipped to the vendor.
  • Return authorization approval procedure.
  • Categorize Return Authorizations by type and season.
  • Automatically generate an RA# or assign the vendor’s RA#.
  • Automatically deducts returned items from inventory.
  • Enter the shipper’s tracking number for the shipment.
  • View current inventory levels for all stores at the RA screen.
  • View the totals on the RA and shipped totals for each store.
  • Automatically generate a credit in your accounts payable for the items returned to vendor.
  • Print the RA request and RA shipping to include as a packing list.
  • View RA merchandise by store, vendor, brand, inventory category, size and color.
  • Search and sort by ordering store, merchandise, RA number and reference number, season and type categories, by open and closed status and a combination of other search criteria.

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