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Marketing & Loyalty

Attracting a new customer costs five times more than keeping one.

Runit RealTime is tooled for improving your store’s traffic and customer loyalty. Turn infrequent shoppers into faithful life-long customers by tempting them back into your store with exciting and satisfying shopping programs, such as frequent buyers clubs, coupon promotions, gift cards, and much more.

Runit increases your sales by focusing your marketing efforts and dollars on the right customers at the right time. Reach your customers via mail, phone, or email. Target groups of customers who have spent a minimum dollar amount, within a date range, for a specific department, brand, style, size and so on. Further focus your marketing campaign by concentrating on a specific city, state or zip code. With hundreds of ways to target the right customers at the right time, Runit keeps your business growing throughout the year.

Marketing Management Details:

  • Runit offers coupon promotions, automatic timed sales and markdowns that work in conjunction with your in-store marketing campaigns. Grow store traffic and reward loyal customers with “Buyers Club” programs.
  • Increase your store traffic and repeat business with our buyers clubs, gift cards (more details below) and on account customer loyalty programs.
  • Boost sales by analyzing and marketing to active customers, inactive customers, big spenders, category spenders, and numerous user defined customer attributes.
  • Satisfy your customer merchandise requests and save “lost sales” by searching in real-time across all your locations or leverage Runit’s marketing module to offer substitutes when the original merchandise is not in stock.
  • Adjust your receipt totals by offering quantity discounts and set prices as well as having additional merchandise automatically suggested to the customer.

Omnichannel Gift Cards

Runit’s enhanced e-commerce integration now boasts omnichannel gift card functionality, enabling retailers to offer a seamless, real-time gift card experience across all physical and digital stores. Customers can effortlessly purchase, redeem, and check gift card balances both in-store and online (for websites running on Shopify, BigCommerce and Salesforce Commerce Cloud), creating a cohesive and convenient experience that enhances customer loyalty and engagement. Runit’s omnichannel gift card capability goes even further, enabling store credits to be issued on gift cards that can be used everywhere, plus the ability to offer digital gift cards at the POS that can immediately be received and used by gift recipients. Unlike the limitations in many other systems, gift cards can be sold at the POS on the same receipt as merchandise, simplifying the check-out process for both customers and sales associates.

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