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Gorgeous eReceipts

Runit’s eReceipts can make it easier to grab e-mail addresses and can also help you drive follow-on sales.

And, we’re the only specialty retail system to back our eReceipt solution with the support of a design team that will help you extend your brand and create bold and magnificent eReceipts that will get noticed.

How do eReceipts drive additional sales?
Experts have shared with us that a customer’s willingness to give you their e-mail address shoots up from 5% to more than 40% when you offer to send a special offer combined with the eReceipt.

Runit can help you to go green and turn your receipt into a feature-packed marketing vehicle. In addition to custom designs, logos, and banner ads, Runit’s eReceipts link to your social media presence and allow your customers to submit and tweet feedback after each purchase.

With all these features, a simple receipt now takes your ability to build lasting relationships to a whole new level.

eReceipt features include:

  • Custom e-mail message
  • Custom receipt message
  • Customizable “From” name
  • Any “Reply to” address of your choosing
  • Itemized receipt listing
  • Your logo prominently displayed
  • Custom border & background
  • Customer feedback tool
  • Social icon links
  • Banner ads linked to any URL

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