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EDI Integration

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a tedious task for retailers — you need to manually submit vital business documents, monitor EDI transactions, and worry about compliance. But what if this entire process was automatically done for you?

Through Runit’s partnership with the leading provider of EDI services and EDI solutions, all Runit users gain access to a robust, easy to use web-based EDI portal allowing retail brands to streamline transactions with their trading partners.

EDI integration makes communication and business processes “easy” by centralizing the management of submitting and monitoring business documents such as purchase orders (PO), functional acknowledgment, advanced shipping notices (ASN), and invoices. This new integration helps you save time, money, and eliminates the risk of exchanging non-compliant EDI transactions, by using dynamic accuracy to optimize transactions.

The EDI Integration will help you:

  • Reduce processing costs for your supply chain
  • Drive efficiency by simplifying process of business documents
  • Eliminate risk of exchanging non-compliant EDI transactions
  • Improve business relationships with trading partners
  • Organize and access documents easily for better visibility into the status of orders, invoices, etc.

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