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PCI Compliance for POS and Inventory Management

Runit offers strong and flexible security. You have complete centralized control over who has access to sensitive activities and information by creating “roles” that meet your business needs. Customize your company’s security settings to any user or groups of users to provide or deny them access to reports, menus, windows, buttons or fields within the application.

Runit RealTime adheres to the security standards laid out by the PCI Council for the Payment Application – Data Security Standards (PA-DSS) for its applications. The PCI Security Standards Council is an open global forum for the ongoing development, enhancement, storage, dissemination and implementation of security standards for account data protection.

Security & PCI Compliance Details:

  • Runit RealTime v5.14 in combination with the Verifone VX805 EMV pinpad has been independently certified as being “out-of-scope” of PA-DSS. The end-to-end encryption and tokenization employed isolate the POS from the payment transaction process and access to sensitive cardholder data.
  • Key activities such as making sales, new style creation, style deletion and access to sensitive file options can always be traced back to the individual who logged in.
  • Restrict access for some employees to selected areas and limit rights to perform transactions.
  • Leave ‘e-mail’ messages globally for all employees, selected groups of employees, or individual employees.
  • New Employee Wizard to make it easy to fill in all necessary fields.
  • Employees may clock in and out. Their hours are recorded for management to review and print.
  • Define certain employees as technicians used for service schedules and service time cards.
  • Define maximum dollar amount of a sale which the employee is allowed to process.

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