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Employee Management

Regardless of the number of stores you run, you rely on every employee to contribute to the success of your business. Runit’s Employee Management module provides the tools necessary to motivate and evaluate each member of your staff. From your salespeople to your cashiers, Runit provides scheduling , time clock, and compensation information, enabling you to maximize your store’s human resources.

Motivate and reward your top earners with commission and dollar incentives. Focus your sales personnel on slow moving items or challenge them to beat this month’s sales goals. Then utilize Runit’s employee performance reports to measure the success of your staff.

Employee Management Details:

  • Set up employees individually or use security templates to quickly copy permissions to new staff members.
  • Assign your personnel the same or different rights per location allowing for a tighter control over staffing each store.
  • Evaluate key sales performance information on demand.
  • Analyze the sales performance of your part-time salespeople alongside your full-time sales staff by using comparative reporting on their sales-per-hour.
  • Identify your best salespeople by breaking down their sold units, gross sales, and profitability by department, brand, and other criteria.
  • Save payroll dollars and optimize staff hours by creating work schedules up to six weeks in advance. Post schedules with assigned days off and projected total working hours.
  • Track the arrival and departure of staff with Runit’s employee time clock which can be rapidly accessed at the POS even while a sale is in progress. Quickly check your staff’s attendance during the day and from any location to accurately know to what degree your employees are following their schedule.

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