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As a retailer, your biggest business investment is the inventory in your warehouse and stores. Your ability to satisfy your customers by offering more products and delivering them faster to the stores is dependent upon combining powerful transfer management tools with real-time access to your inventory.

Runit’s up-to-the second detailed knowledge of your inventory ensures that you have the best information possible when deciding which merchandise is right for which stores. From automatic replenishment or distribution run from warehouse to automatic stock balancing between your stores – Runit delivers your merchandise

If one store location is running low or out of stock on a particular product, while a different store location has a higher quantity, transfer requests can be easily generated to have merchandise transferred from one location to another.

Transfer Details:

  • Use inter-store transfers to update both locations immediately upon issuing of the transfer, eliminating any back-office operations at the receiving store.
  • Runit’s in-transit transfer option can track your merchandise as it moves from your warehouse to your stores, from stores to stores and from the store back to the warehouse.
  • For quick transfers use the register’s scan gun so cashiers, sales associates and managers can quickly read the outgoing or incoming merchandise.
  • Assign searchable categories, types and comments to each transfer, ensuring complete reporting and analysis of your inventory’s movements.
  • Increase sales by auto-distributing merchandise from your central location or warehouse using easy-to-use, yet sophisticated replenishment tools.
  • Improve merchandise profitability by automatically stock balancing merchandise between locations and decreasing out-of-stock occurrences.
  • Better manage your inventory movements – use transfer requests to schedule future distribution.

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