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Sales Tax

Through Runit’s partnership with Avalara – the premier sales tax automation provider – all Runit users gain access to dynamic sales tax calculation and a robust Avatax reporting portal, at no additional cost. AvaTax makes sales taxation “smart” by automatically applying real-time tax information in a matter of milliseconds to your sales checkout. This new integration helps you save time, money, and eliminates the risk of setting up incorrect tax codes in your system.

Learn more about Runit’s AvaTax integration and find out how to access your complimentary AvaTax portal.

About AvaTax

AvaTax automates tax calculations and the tax filing process. It provides real-time tax codes from more than 12,000 taxing jurisdictions, which ensures that your sales tax is calculated based on the most up-to-date tax rules. AvaTax is designed to replace Runit’s built-in POS tax settings in the areas in which tax is a key component of the transactions.




The Runit and Avatax Integration will help you tax based on:

■ Selling store location
■ Merchandise category and/or dollar threshold and selling location
Merchandise category and/or dollar threshold and ship to location
Freight fee and related variables
Alteration service fee and selling location
Customer’s tax status (tax exemption)
Receipt line tax exemption based on qualifying merchandise usage

Interested in Runit’s AvaTax integration? Click here to learn more.

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