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The Runit and AvaTax Integration

Introducing smarter sales tax for retail chains

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Sales tax simplified with AvaTax + Runit

Through Runit’s partnership with Avalara – the premier sales tax automation provider – all Runit users gain access to dynamic sales tax calculation and a robust Avatax reporting portal, at no additional cost.

AvaTax makes sales taxation “smart” by automatically applying real-time tax information to your sales checkout.

This new integration helps you save time and eliminates the risk of withholding tax at the incorrect rates, by using dynamic accuracy to optimize sales tax compliance.

The Runit and Avatax Integration will help you tax based on:

    • Selling store location
    • Merchandise category and/or dollar threshold and selling location
    • Merchandise category and/or dollar threshold and ship to location
    • Freight fee and related variables
    • Alteration service fee and selling location
    • Customer’s tax status (tax exemption)
    • Receipt line tax exemption based on qualifying merchandise usage


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Find answers to common questions about Runit’s integration with AvaTax.

Q: Do I need to add tax codes to all of my merchandise categories?

It is highly recommended, even if you think that the AvaTax default tax covers all your products. Tax jurisdictions will sometimes have tax free days on specific categories of merchandise.


Q: What happens when the AvaTax service is not available?

Runit’s built-in sales tax options will act as a backup for providing tax rates on your products in case the AvaTax service is not available. Runit will flag these transactions and send them when the AvaTax service becomes available. It is important to maintain Runit’s built-in option setting so that the tax applied will be as accurate as possible.

Note: AvaTax mark transactions calculated by Runit as an override within the AvaTax Admin Console transaction section.


Q: Can I use this in Runit’s OpenPro for iPad?

Yes, the AvaTax integration works with Runit OpenPro for iPad. In cases where Runit open is being taken to events in new tax jurisdictions (nexuses), you must update the AvaTax Admin Console nexus settings to ensure accurate tax calculations.


Q: Does AvaTax work with my e-commerce shopping cart?

Yes, AvaTax can e used for e-commerce transactions if you have activated AvaTax services for your website. Your e-commerce transactions will flow into the same portal as your brick-and-mortar ones.


Q: Will Emergency Sellit transactions go to AvaTax?

Yes, Emergency SellIt transactions will automatically be sent to Avatax after the upload into RunIt.


Q: Can e-commerce transactions flow into the AvaTax portal if I am not using AvaTax for my website? 

Yes. If your website is integrated with Runit, you have the option of sending web sales to the AvaTax portal, enabling you to manage all reporting in one place.


About AvaTax

Avalara’s AvaTax is sales tax software that automates tax calculations and the tax filing process. AvaTax provides real-time tax codes from more than 12,000 taxing jurisdictions, which helps make sure that your sales tax is calculated based on the most up-to-date tax rules. AvaTax is designed to replace Runit’s built-in point-of-sale tax settings in the areas in which tax is a key component of the transactions.

Read the Avalara Service Terms and Conditions



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“Software is very easy to use. Tons of reports that are available to better your business and help it run more efficiently.”

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"When we were looking for a solution at the time as a 19 store operation we were too big for many solutions and too small for others. We found Runit fit the bill allowing us to grow from 19 to upwards of 75 locations along with our backoffice support and integrate with our Distribution Center(s) and Online Business. The ability to grow with us rapidly at times is a major plus to Runit."

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