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Gain Precise Control of Online Inventory and Fulfillment With Runit’s eCommerce Integration for Multi-Location Retailers

Runit’s RealTime Cloud POS & Inventory Management is optimized for multi-location specialty retailers who must tightly integrate physical store & warehouse inventories with existing or new websites running on Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and WooCommerce. With Runit’s Webit module, you can seamlessly integrate your web store(s) and third-party channels with your physical stores and warehouse in real-time, so all of your inventory and sales information is centralized in one secure location, providing you with an up-to-the-minute, accurate view of the entire business (physical and online). You are never in danger of selling a product on the web while a different customer holds that same product in your store and vice versa.

How Does It Work?

Runit’s Webit module maintains a real-time accounting of your inventory for physical stores, warehouses and your virtual channels (website and third-party channels). When an item is sold in the store or online, it is immediately sent to Runit’s central data cloud, where the inventory is automatically reconciled and updated to reflect your total available inventory.

But, the Benefits of Our eCommerce Integrations Go Much Further…

Keep your existing eCommerce store(s).
Seamlessly integrate and synchronize your eCommerce store(s) with your physical locations (there are no limits to how many).
Ready-made integrations for Shopify, BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento and WooCommerce, (developed by Sqquid and Modern Retail).
Track all sales and inventory, no matter where they originate, in real-time in Runit’s centralized cloud interface and view real-time sales data on-the-go in our Runit Pulse manager’s dashboard app for iOS and Android.
Use our geo-routing and shipping integrations to get orders out to customers faster and more cheaply right from your stores with our simple, automated, all-in-one solution (available via Sqquid). In just a couple of clicks, in-store employees can maximize time on the selling floor while also promptly helping to fulfill online orders.
Use our powerful merchandising dashboard to choose items to display (or not) in each channel, optimize product info for each channel (names, descriptions, sizes, custom attributes and more), and differentiate prices per product and per channel (available via Sqquid).
Use dynamic buffers/filters (via Runit’s Sqquid omnichannel control panel) to gain precise control over which SKUs you allow to be visible and where. There are five types of buffers available. Global Buffer: Affects the total inventory exposed to each channel for each SKU. Channel Buffer: Applies to all SKUs but only for the specified channel. Location Buffer: Modifies only the quantity available for products at the given location. This buffer also affects order allocation if you are using Sqquid’s Order Routing. SKU Buffer: A modifier for a single SKU through all your channels. Combination Buffers: You may combine the different buffer types to create very specific buffers.

Omnichannel Gift Cards

Runit’s enhanced e-commerce integration now boasts omnichannel gift card functionality, enabling retailers to offer a seamless, real-time gift card experience across all physical and digital stores. Customers can effortlessly purchase, redeem, and check gift card balances both in-store and online (for websites running on Shopify, BigCommerce and Salesforce Commerce Cloud), creating a cohesive and convenient experience that enhances customer loyalty and engagement. Runit’s omnichannel gift card capability goes even further, enabling store credits to be issued on gift cards that can be used everywhere, plus the ability to offer digital gift cards at the POS that can immediately be received and used by gift recipients. Unlike the limitations in many other systems, gift cards can be sold at the POS on the same receipt as merchandise, simplifying the check-out process for both customers and sales associates.

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