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Grow Online Sales and Reduce Costs with SQQUID Omnichannel Integration

Runit is very excited to offer our enhanced and exclusive omnichannel integration with SQQUID, a multi-channel e-commerce management and fulfillment solution that helps our specialty retail chains merchandise faster, grow sales, lower shipping costs and streamline order processing. Learn more about Runit & SQQUID's integration by clicking the button below. Connect with an Expert

SQQUID Connects Your Runit Cloud POS & Inventory Management to Multiple Online Sales Channels

Seamlessly integrate your website(s) powered by BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, as well as online marketplaces like Amazon.

Simplify Retail Management

SQQUID integrates with your Runit Cloud POS, enabling seamless inventory updates and the elimination of duplicate and manual processes

Multi-Channel Management

Automatically pushes online orders from web store or third-party marketplaces to your Runit Cloud POS in real-time

Geolocation Automation

Intelligently picks fulfillment locations for each order item to lower shipping times and costs

Fulfillment Automation

Get your shipments out faster and cheaper with automated shipment processing and rate shopping across 100+ carriers

But there is much, much more to SQQUID than being a simple connector. SQQUID also provides an extensive suite of tools for product merchandising, faster and cheaper shipping, and order fulfillment optimization.

Multi-Channel Management

  • Cross-channel orders and inventory sync
  • Online merchandising (no import/export)
  • Order management

Fulfillment Automation

  • Order flow (georouting, drop shipping)
  • Automated best-rate finder (100+ carriers)
  • Shipping automation (1-click ship labels)

Key Benefits for Retailers

Online merchandising made easy

Still using import/export spreadsheets for merchandising? Throw them out! SQQUID’s Merchandising empowers you to easily manage all aspects of your product catalog through an intuitive, web based spreadsheet interface built specifically for retailers. With a variety of options, this powerful tool can support virtually any merchandising workflow that combines SQQUID, Runit and online channels like Shopify.

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Reduced costs, faster shipping

With user-defined rules and its own georouting algorithms, SQQUID’s order processing automates your fulfillment decision-making. Order items are assigned to specific locations so as to minimize the number of packages for each order, lower shipping costs, shorten delivery times and balance inventory levels across locations.

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Low shipping costs, automated tracking

SQQUID cuts your shipping costs by searching across 100+ national and regional carriers to find the best shipping rate for each order based on carrier preference, delivery date guarantees and prices. SQQUID also enables one-click shipping label printing, automatically propagates order tracking numbers to Runit and to your online channels.

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Unrivaled reliability and accuracy

SQQUID’s best-in-class, highly scalable platform is always ready for your peak season. It uses intelligent throttling and double-queued order sync, which ensures that no order is ever lost or incorrectly transferred. And if you are using Shopify, SQQUID’s proprietary bursting technology is optimized for Shopify’s new API and delivers significantly faster performance than older connectors.

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Proven Customer Success

You don’t have to just take our word for it when we say that SQQUID’s team and technology deliver success to retailers like you. Runit RealTime clients have been partnering with SQQUID since 2017, with excellent results.

Brian Styler

Director of Info Systems & Logistics, JackRabbit

“Before SQQUID, our systems could not handle order spikes and up to 25% of orders were manually processed. With double-queue order processing, SQQUID absorbs these spikes and intelligently feeds data into our systems.”

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Daniel Kahalani

CEO, DNA Footwear

"SQQUID helped us take back control of our online sales. We simplified our system, cut costs and re-focused our team away from operations and back to our mission of delivering exciting products to our customers.”

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