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Why Around-the-Clock POS Support Matters

May 11, 2016
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Runit knows that independent specialty retailers — whether having a single store or sixty — don’t only work on their business during opening hours. That’s why we, many years ago, proactively decided to further differentiate our real-time, cloud-based POS system by offering unlimited technical support 24x7x365.

Plus, we kept our Help Desk on-shore with local, friendly and capable staff who can help whenever the merchant needs support, regardless of the complexity of the issue. Yes, it’s a significant investment on our part — which explains why many of our peers have pushed their support off-shore or limited telephone access hours — but we know our efforts pay off, and provide ongoing peace of mind that translates into unusually high merchant retention.

We recently received the following unsolicited, enthusiastic feedback reminding us how we’re appreciated for providing the most accessible and personalized support in our category as part of every subscription.

Here’s what Joe Bridgen at The Shoe Market in North Carolina had to say:

“The other night I was updating 4 different computer terminals. As is the case with many upgrades or updates sometimes issues will occur. I ran into a driver problem with one of my printers and I had been staring at the same problem for far too long at a very late hour. I was distressed to say the least. It was around 2 a.m. and I decided to call Runit. I did not believe that anyone would be there but I called anyway and after only a few rings I hung up in defeat. It was only after a few moments that my phone rang. Runit was actually calling me back and at 2 a.m. A very friendly and courteous technician named Derryck was able to help me refocus on the problem and together we solved the issue. Just having someone on my team was the boost I needed to get through my trouble so the next day our business could perform the way it should.

This is just one instance of the help I’ve had from Runit. Their tier 3 staff is also exceptional. I can’t spell that out enough. People like Betty, Mark, and Walter are impressively masterful. It’s an utter relief to hear their voice on the other end of the line whenever a problem occurs. They make me feel so confident that an effective answer is on the way and quick.

The best thing I love about Runit is their human touch. So many other companies I have had to deal with either have too much of a process just to get to a person to help or unattainable. I am very pleased with the fact that when I have a problem, day or night, I can actually reach a knowledgeable professional that is going to get me to the other side. I wish more companies were like this.”

Whatever the size of their subscription, all of Runit’s clients enjoy easy access to personalized, round-the-clock system support. It’s not that our POS solution is difficult — in fact ease-of-use is one of our selling points. Yet, knowing our top-notch support is there if its needed, is certainly one of the reasons our client retention rate remains around 95% over 5+years.

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