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eCommerce Integration for Retailers

July 12, 2017
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Do you already have an eCommerce store? With Runit’s Webit module you can seamlessly integrate your existing web store with your physical stores in real-time, so all of your inventory and sales information has gone through an eCommerce integration and has been centralized in one secure location providing you with up to the minute inventory information.

With Runit’s Webit module, you are never in danger of selling a product on the web while a different customer holds that same product in your store and vice versa. The Webit module prevents you from selling the same product twice.

How Does It Work?

Runit’s Webit module keeps an accurate account of your inventory for both physical stores and your eCommerce website. When an item is sold in the store or on your website, it is immediately sent to Runit’s central data repository, where the inventory is automatically reconciled and updated to reflect your total available inventory.


• Seamlessly integrate and synchronize your eCommerce store with your physical locations.
• Link any e-commerce site to Runit using our APIs.
• Ready-made integrations for Magento, WordPress, Shopify and Modern Retail.
• Track all sales and inventory, no matter where they originate, in real-time with Runit’s centralized software.
• Keep your existing eCommerce web store.
• Never sell the same product twice.

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