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How Cloud Retail Management Changes the Sales Floor

May 20, 2019
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Retail management has changed considerably in the last several years with the introduction of new technologies. However, cloud-based retail management solutions enable store managers to stay ahead of the curve and optimize the sales floor for continued business growth.

Cloud retail management gives managers significant advantages over predecessors. Most notably, modern software allows managers to access relevant data about specific store locations from anywhere. Retail managers can now use POS tablets to empower employees, fulfill staffing needs, and manage inventory across locations with ease.

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Use Mobile POS Tablets to Empower Your Employees on the Sales Floor

Sales associates are integral to a retailer’s bottom line. They are largely responsible for the customer experience from the moment a shopper walks into the store through checkout. New technologies such as tablets enable sales associates to quickly provide customers with the information they need to make purchase decisions.

Using mobile POS tablets, associates can now answer customers’ questions about the availability of certain sizes of apparel without having to go into the back room or making phone calls to other store locations. They can simply look up inventory counts across locations at the touch of a button. To be more helpful, employees can suggest other items of interest for potential upsell opportunities and expedite the checkout process. Employees who provide more assistance can foster an improved customer experience, in turn growing your bottom line.

Fulfill Retail Staffing Needs Across Store Locations

Additionally, retail managers are tasked with the responsibility of store locations being properly staffed. Without the right information, stores often have too many sales associates working during off-peak hours, and too few working during peak hours. This results in greater overhead and more dissatisfied customers.

Improving the customer experience starts with appropriate staffing across store locations. Cloud retail management software allows managers to create schedules that ensure all stores have the right number of sales associates at a given time to generate the most sales at the lowest cost to the business.

Manage Inventory to Facilitate Business Growth

Customers expect that their favorite items will be available in their size when they visit their nearest retail store locations. However, that’s not always the case. Some products sell better in certain stores than others, meaning that the number of on-hands required for each store may vary quite widely by SKU. Conducting an ABC analysis can help retail store managers optimize inventory by ensuring that they have more of the lower-cost best-selling items and fewer of the higher-cost least-selling items.

Leveraging the data from the ABC analysis can give retail store managers greater insights into what products they must have in stock at all times. To ensure inventory quotas are met across stores, managers can use cloud retail management tools to track inventory counts of items in real time. Additionally, these reports can push alerts to guarantee min-max levels are met.

Runit’s cloud-based integrated inventory management and POS system enables retail store managers to optimize the sales floor for sustained revenue generation. Given that data is accessible from anywhere, managers can review statistics in real time to guarantee that stores have an accessible layout, proper staffing, and sufficient inventory in stock. To learn more about growing your business with cloud retail management technology, contact a member of our team today.