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Mobile POS Apps That Increase Business Efficiency

September 20, 2019
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Mobile POS apps give retail managers instant access to essential business insights and metrics from anywhere. For years, a specific store’s data was housed locally on-site. New cloud-based applications and software have transformed how retail managers are able to optimize their stores for business growth.

Additionally, mobile POS apps allow sales associates to view real-time inventory information, expedite checkouts, inter-store transfer of items, and edit customer profiles effortlessly. These are just four ways that the modern solution is able to promote efficiency and great customer experience that keeps customers coming back.

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Quickly Perform Sales Transactions with Mobile POS Apps

Long checkout times can be irritating for customers that make purchases in-store. However, with mobile POS apps, sales associates are now empowered with additional tools and resources to ensure that checkouts are expedited for customers. Robust solutions include functionality to add items to receipts, perform promotional discounts, and print hard copy receipts wirelessly. Alternatively, customers can obtain an eReciept to maintain an electronic record and streamline the returns process, if necessary.

Beyond sales transactions, mobile POS apps enable sales associates to leverage real-time inventory information to be of greater assistance to customers. Associates can use their tablets to determine whether an item is on-order, on-hand, received, or in-transit and give customers the ability to determine what nearby stores might have the product in stock, in the event it is not available at this specific location.

Runit Open Pro is a mobile POS app for iPad that is able to deliver the full functionality of Runit’s integrated inventory management and POS system to ensure that retail store managers, sales associates, and customers all have the information they need to maximize efficiency.

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Leverage Analytics to Optimize Retail Stores

Retail store managers, especially those who oversee multiple stores, need a way to quickly access and analyze data to make informed business decisions. Mobile POS apps, like the ones Runit provides, enable managers to utilize data-driven dashboards to keep information organized and streamlined for on-the-go decisions. Sales insights include sales-by-store breakdowns, top-selling items, number of receipts issued or voided, returns, sales results by each employee, sales trend graphs, and more.

In addition to quick oversight, managers can leverage data to make staffing and inventory decisions. For example, stores should be optimized to account for peak shopping times like after work hours, weekends, and holidays. This means having enough sales associates on the floor to assist customers and having popular items in stock. Alternatively, fewer sales associates should be on the floor during less busy periods. Making these adjustments can reduce overhead and increase efficiency while improving the customer experience.

Runit Pulse is an app optimized for mobile devices that subscribers can use to access on-the-go information about their retail stores. The insights can help managers make decisions about their stores from anywhere, simplifying management, and reacting in real-time as opposed to days, weeks, or months, later. Optimizing retail stores in real-time ensures that retailers are able to maximize revenue and remove inefficiencies that may hamper their business.

Runit’s cloud-based integrated inventory management and POS system is equipped with two mobile apps called Runit Open Pro and Runit Pulse. The two apps increase the functionality and accessibility of the integrated system. Retail store managers can now make on-the-go decisions to increase the profitability and efficiency of each store location through inventory and staffing decisions and providing a great customer experience.

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