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Simple Ways to Use eReceipts to Drive Sales

June 20, 2019
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Many retailers today have embraced electronic receipts, or eReceipts, as they seek new ways to facilitate business growth. Retailers are not the only beneficiary. Customers benefit too, as they can now have an electronic record of their in-store purchases. While only five percent of customers are willing to provide their email address upon purchase, the figure surpasses 40 percent when a special offer is included with the eReceipt.

Beyond the creation of an online transaction record, eReceipts can be used to drive sales. Electronic receipts enable retailers to promote loyalty program enrollment, display banner advertisements, encourage social media engagement, and more.

Promote Loyalty Program Enrollment with eReceipts

Loyalty programs reward a retailer’s best customers with exclusive offers, experiences, and more. Customers earn points by shopping with a specific retailer, and after accruing a set amount of points, they are able to redeem rewards for a discounted or free item. Loyalty programs are often a great incentive for customers to choose one brand over another.

A first-time or infrequent shopper of your store may not already be enrolled in your loyalty program. However, eReceipts offer a prime opportunity to capture this audience. Including a call-to-action to join the loyalty program, or in the case of existing members showing point totals, is a highly effective way to drive program membership. Once members are enrolled, they are more likely to choose your store, and you’ll also be able to serve unique advertisements through email campaigns to earn their future business and referrals.

Display Banner Advertisements within eReceipts

Although the transaction was completed in-store, including a banner advertisement on the eReceipt can result in more purchases whether it’s in-store or online. Banner advertisements are displayed across the top of the eReceipt to promote a discount or upcoming event. These ads can link to any URL to provide more information about the offer.

Banner ads are effective because they are less intrusive than email marketing, and share information about the offer within the ad creative. Leveraging eReceipts to reduce the number of steps customers need to take to get the information increases engagement and the likelihood of offer redemption, regardless of where the next purchase is made.

Facilitate Customer Engagement with eReceipts

Electronic receipts can also be used to increase customer engagement with opportunities to provide feedback or engage with social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Today’s eReceipt software enables retailers to include space for feedback directly on the receipt and even share it through Twitter. This gives customers the ability to voice any concerns and retailers greater insights into the customer experience. Additionally, adding social media buttons can increase followers and ultimately give retailers another medium to advertise products, sales, and upcoming events.

Taking steps to improve customer engagement using eReceipts whether it’s with feedback or social media can increase the likelihood of earning new business, gaining repeat customers, and expanding loyalty program enrollment.

Runit’s cloud-based integrated inventory management and POS system includes an eReceipt tool that makes it easy to collect email addresses and boost sales. Loyalty programs, banner advertisements, and cross-channel customer engagement are just a few of the ways you can grow your business by going paperless.

To learn more about using eReceipts to drive sales, contact a member of our team today.