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Why Fashion Retailers Are Investing in Mobile POS & Loyalty Technology

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Online shopping delivers a lot of the convenience that today’s customer craves. However, over 90 percent of consumer spending still takes place in-store.¹ As a result, fashion retailers that optimize the in-store experience with mobile point-of-sale (POS) and loyalty technology stand to see the greatest business growth.

Fashion retailers need to differentiate themselves in order to capture today’s consumer. A mobile POS can improve store performance – execute sales transactions, view real-time inventory from anywhere, and track sales associates’ revenue production. Additionally, loyalty technology gives store visitors a unique experience tailored to their interests, purchase history, and more.

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Execute Sales Transactions Quickly with Mobile POS

Mobile POS technology enables store associates to perform real-time sales much faster than traditional checkout systems. Furthermore, store managers can see these transactions from a single display across the entire retail chain.

Transactions can occur quickly because a mobile POS provides real-time inventory counts across store locations whether the item is on-order, on-hand, received, or in-transit. Outdated systems that cannot provide this information in real-time can pose a major threat to order fulfillment and ultimately customer satisfaction and retention.

Beyond order fulfillment objectives, mobile POS systems expedite credit card processing with built-in integrations to authorize transactions and complete sales.

Track Sales Associates’ Performance with Mobile POS

In addition to quick transactions, a mobile POS system gives store managers the opportunity to track sales associates’ performance. The system’s dashboard shows which sales associate was responsible for completing transactions in the various store locations, giving managers greater insights into top performers. Managers can also use the system for payroll purposes as it records associates’ time in and time out from the store.

Retail managers who supervise multiple locations can become overwhelmed without the right solutions. A mobile POS dashboard aggregates all the data into a single location making it very easy to explore best selling items, top performing sales associates, and more. Managers can now make adjustments in real-time to optimize stores to produce the most revenue.

Leverage Loyalty Technology for Customer Retention

Retailers can also increase revenue with loyalty programs and loyalty technology. These programs reward a retailer’s best customers with exclusive benefits, discounts, and access to promotional offers. Customers will have unique profiles through loyalty programs. The technology enables both shoppers and sales associates to view and edit customer profile information in real time. Additionally, customers who wish to enroll in the programs can do so.

Paired with mobile POS, loyalty technology allows retailers to perform all types of promotional discounting including timed sales, coupons, quantity discounts, program rewards, and exclusive access to marked-down merchandise. Retailers can grow their brand with loyalty programs that keep shoppers coming back for more.

Runit’s cloud-based integrated inventory management and POS system enables retail store managers to oversee store locations and optimize them for success. Using modern technologies like mobile POS and loyalty technology, retailers can expedite processes and improve the customer experience for increased revenue generation.

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