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POS Training and Implementation

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Implementation & Training


Since 1992, Runit has successfully implemented and trained thousands of retailers nationwide. The Runit implementation team understands that all our customers are unique in the merchandise and services they provide, the customers they serve and the workforce behind them. Runit’s quick and easy installation enables those who have little knowledge of computers to gain access to their secure user account and get up and running within minutes. Runit can support hundreds of concurrent users per account. Highly scalable, Runit saves you time and capital when adding new locations and workstations. In just FOUR easy steps, you’ll be ready to use Runit.
  • Start. Within 24 hours of signing up with Runit, your retail business is issued credentials for logging in securely.
  • Install. The Runit desktop icon for instant access to your business. Total installation time is only minutes per workstation, laptop, or mobile device.
  • Connect. Click on your Runit desktop icon from anywhere you have internet access.
  • Go! Start maximizing the power of Runit with your retail business. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals will provide project planning and training around you business and its busy schedule. Runit RealTime’s interactive training environment paces each lesson and its customized contents to you and your staff’s needs and availability.

Implementation Details:

  • Get up and running in days rather than weeks. Expensive POS terminals are NOT required; software runs on low cost “Thin Client” platforms.
  • On-site implementation is NOT required; web-based implementation and training reduces typical expenses by up to 80%.
  • Software support contracts are NOT required; telephone support and software upgrades are included at no charge.
  • Expensive IT and store support staff are NOT required; all updates and backups are performed centrally by technology and industry specialists.
  • Choose your own hardware: PC, Mac, iPad or iPod.


Our trainers are industry veterans, and give instruction around your business’s busy schedule. Runit’s interactive training environment paces each lesson around your staff’s needs and availability, so you can make the most of your training time.

Participate from your desk while you interact with a Runit trainer! Designed to offer a flexible and cost-effective way to train your employees, our training sessions are offered online from the comfort of your location, so there is no expensive travel or extended time away from the office.

One-on-one training sessions are scheduled for a specific date and time. Everything happens live, so you can ask questions and interact with your trainer to resolve specific issues. Runit combines the interaction of a classroom with the convenience of staying right where you are.