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Spotlight on SoccerLoco

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A lot of things happen between the time we look at the product…and the time we physically receive that order. We now centrally receive, centrally distribute and centrally modify orders.
“Product is king, inventory is the enemy…We’d better get it right when we write those orders.”

Spotlight on SoccerLoco

John Lococo, founder of the SoccerLoco chain of stores and website, explains how a “hosted” POS and Inventory Management system has enabled him to improve ordering and centralized distribution, gain special attention from key vendors, manage the business from anywhere with iOS accessibility and ensure redundancy with automatic offsite backups and a round-the-clock IT team built in. Learn more about Soccerloco at Says John, “My business takes me all over the planet. Through Runit RealTime, I’m able to stay involved in my business from a hotel, from my iPhone or my laptop…when I’m in, I’m in, as if I’m sitting at my desk in my office. I love that!”