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If you are an existing client and need immediate support, please dial our Help Desk, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1.888.777.8648 and press option 1.

Support Should be Available on Your Schedule

Providing easily accessible support is as critical to us as the system itself

How many of our competitors offer true, round-the-clock support? None. We make sure a trained technician is always there to answer the phone when you need us. Runit RealTime's unlimited technical support is bundled within your monthly subscription. Our knowledgeable, skilled IT professionals manage upgrades, solve technical issues, answer "how to" questions and so on, so that you are managing your business and not having to budget dollars for in-house support costs. Furthermore, and as you should expect, we document and ticket all inbound incidents, monitoring support trends continually with the goal of eliminating problems that may be unfolding before they can affect any users.

  • Round-the-clock monitoring of every square inch of our data centers.
  • 212-431-0707, option 1, staffed every hour of every day of the year, and typically answered in 30 seconds or less
  • Tier 3, senior-most support team, has an average tenure of 10+ years, offering an unmatched depth of experience with retailers like yourself
  • All client-reported issues, regardless of severity level, are documented for analysis of client and macro-level trends.

Call us today at 888-77-RUNIT, or write to us via the "Request a Demo" link near the top of our home page and one of our knowledgeable Retail Advisors will help you evaluate the potential of stepping up to Runit.

Support is as critical to us as the system itself. Our Maryland based Help Desk answers your calls in 30 seconds or less, and immediately gets to work on addressing your question.