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Affordable Cloud POS Benefits

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What an Affordable Cloud POS means for Retailers

Growing merchants who require a dynamic POS system should consider an affordable cloud POS. The cloud is a network of servers which allow users to access services from anywhere. For retailers, utilizing the cloud means having all important store information accessible from any location, even when owners or employees are away from the store. This means that retailers can respond to changing industry trends to keep up with customer demands as well as quickly respond to any needs of the store.

A cloud-based POS not only gives retailers greater control to respond to needs such as changes in inventory, but it will also allow merchants to upgrade their POS software quickly allowing retailers to remain secure and up-to-date.  With each new release the system will continue to work seamlessly and data doesn’t get lost in a move.

This is also a more affordable option for specialty retailers as it doesn’t require retailers to implement hardware and software infrastructure. Traditionally, adding a new POS system costs retailers around $1,000 for a standard setup and additional charges may be added. The initial costs and transaction charges of a cloud-based POS are much lower due to the fact that the cloud allows for low-cost data storage and can expand as a retailer adds more stores.

Key elements of the Cloud:

  • Low cost
  • Easy upgrades
  • Grows with stores
  • Real-time inventory updates
  • Greater control
  • Improved reliability and security

Runit’s Cloud

At Runit, our cloud is hosted and managed at our secure data centers which further lowers costs associated with hosting an on-site server or maintaining its administrative overhead. Our cloud data centers are reliable, high-performance, scalable and fault tolerant. This means that the network can remain operational in the event of a hardware failure. This combination of security and reliability allows retailers to rest-assured that their POS system will be working when they need it.