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Runit Open App

Apple App Store

Requires iPadOS 14.0 or later.

Runit Open Pro

Runit’s Mobile and Tablet POS Solution

Runit Open Pro packs the full functionality of our POS module into your iPad. Runit Open Pro allows you to accomplish everything you can perform with the PC version of our POS while maintaining the speed, ease-of-use and accuracy that our thousands of merchants have grown accustomed to. This intuitive app will have your sales associates up and running in no time.

Following are some of Runit Open Pro’s most commonly used functions:

  • Quickly perform real-time sales transactions that are immediately viewable across the chain.
  • Use Runit’s “endless aisle” capabilities to easily sell inventory from other locations (including online) and quick-transfer or ship to customer.
  • Add items to receipts by scanning their barcodes with iPad’s onboard camera or a wireless Bluetooth scanner.
  • Add and change customer profile information on the fly. Review your customer merchandise history and apply their open store credits. Buyers Club, On-Account and Gift card benefits are all available.
  • Tie your sales associates to each transaction and track their sales performance.
  • Return merchandise easily and accurately from any location by retrieving historical sales transaction numbers.
  • Perform all types of promotional discounting including timed sales, coupons, quantity discounts, Buyer’s Club and marked-down merchandise.
  • View real-time inventory for all your locations (on-order, on-hand, received, in-transit).
  • Send branded eReceipts with your logo, store address, store email address, social media links and customizable banner ads.
  • Print hard copy receipts wirelessly using the Epson TM-T88VI and TM-m30 (WiFi) or the Epson TM-m30 (Bluetooth version).
  • Simply capture credit card payments anywhere in the store or at a pop-up via Bluetooth using the Ingenico iSMP4 or the BBPOS Chipper 2X BT.
  • Record your sales associates’ punch ins & outs even when they are offsite miles away.
Current subscriber? For more information or to activate, please contact us by chatting with us on the bottom right corner of your screen, emailing us at or calling 212.431.0707 x 145.
Runit Pulse

Apple App Store
Google Play

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android phones and Android Tablets.

Runit Pulse

Runit’s On-The-Go Dashboard

Runit Pulse provides owners and managers of retail chains with an “on-the-go” dashboard, allowing them to view critical, real-time metrics about their stores.

Runit Pulse allows the user to view:

  • The latest sales statistics, broken down by store
  • Number of receipts, voids etc.
  • Top selling items, including on-hand and on-order
  • Sales results by employee
  • Sales trending graphs
…and much more. Runit Pulse is free to download and use for all Runit RealTime subscribers.

PULSE: Complimentary For All Current Customers

After a couple of simple steps, you’ll have an exciting new tool for keeping your finger on the PULSE of your business. To download the App, please visit the App Store on your device and search for “RunIt” or “Pulse”. Once the download is finished, complete and submit this form in order to receive your unique user name and password.
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My full name entered here signifies my understanding of the security statement below, and the fact that I am solely responsible for controlling access to my mobile device at all times.

I agree with following terms

I understand that RunIt’s Pulse App enables me to view my proprietary business data on my mobile device and that Runit can not take responsibility for ensuring, in any way, the ongoing security of my mobile device. I understand that it is crucial to keep my mobile device secure at all times, including use of available user access control to prevent unauthorized use of my mobile device.