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The 6 Greatest Advantages of Using a Cloud POS System

March 22, 2017
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Using a cloud POS system allows you to securely store your data and run your software through someone else’s system leading to multiple advantages of a cloud POS.

That removes the need for you to become a computer expert or to hire someone who is. Instead, with the cloud, even the smallest retailers and retail chains can use the same powerful point-of-sale systems the giants use, easily and affordably.

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That’s why the business research firm Forrester sees cloud-based systems that stitch your employees, customers, inventory, promotions, payment systems and marketing messages together into one seamless fabric “one of the most exciting and disruptive forces in the tech market in the past decade.”

Moving to the cloud is particularly important if you are thinking of growing your business from a one-shop operation to multiple shops. The cloud can help you run multiple shops as effectively as you run one in six important ways.

  1. Secure System

On the Runit cloud, your data is hosted and managed on secure constantly manned remote server centers, complete with uninterruptable power supplies, multiple levels of security, redundant data backup, synchronous replication and back-up diesel generators. Way more computing power and security, in other words, than most businesses could afford to build on their own.

  1. Seamless Upgrades

Your POS software is automatically upgraded whenever improvements are available. You don’t have to worry about fiddling with discs, downloads or anything.

  1. Remote Access

The cloud can be accessed from anywhere, so you can set your business free in any way you choose. You could give your employees mobile devices, for example, that could let them check inventories for customers on the floor and even take sales in the aisles instead of standing behind a cash register. And you can use your mobile apps to keep tabs on what’s going on, in real time, in any of your stores.

  1. Inventory Management

The Runit cloud POS gives you the sophisticated ability to track sales and inventory so you can see what’s hot and what’s not, what you have and what you don’t and where your inventory items are at any given time.

Download the Implementation Journey Checklist PDF to discover your path to better inventory management.

  1. Promotions

Your cloud-based POS can track each customer’s previous purchases — information you can use to tailor promotions to the things they most like to buy. And with the email database you can build with e-receipts, you can use email blasts to promote new inventory or help move closing items to the customers who are most likely to want them.

  1. Employee Performance

Your cloud-based POS can help you determine who your most effective employees are whether you are in the store to watch them or not because data is instantly available and ready for analysis from any location. This can help you target bonuses and staff promotions more effectively. And it could help you determine which employees are best equipped to teach others how they do their jobs so well.