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How to Organize Your Retail Management Software

March 15, 2017
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As every merchant knows, orchestrating the multiple variables of a retail operation into an efficient symphony of sales is no small task.

Inventory must be managed. Supply chains must be in tune. Payment systems must be fast. Promotions must be efficient and, at the end of the day, customers need to feel special and must always be confident that they can find what they want when they shop in your store.

How can you accomplish all that in a world filled with expanding eCommerce retailers and marauding big box chains?

Your retail management software can help you stay organized enough to play with the giants.

Here are some of the many ways an omnichannel retail POS system like Runit can help you engineer efficiency for your apparel, footwear, sporting goods or gift store operations.

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Inventory and Ordering Efficiency

A robust POS system with retail management software is much more than just an efficient way to take payments. It also tells you what is moving and where. This is the beginning of the knowledge you need to customize your inventory to each store’s market.

For example, fashion tends to focus on smaller sizes but 62 percent of Americans actually wear plus-size clothing. Retail management software can tell you which sizes are moving and which items are hottest, in general, in each store, which will keep you in-stock for the things your customers are really looking for while avoiding overstocks of the things they aren’t.

The system can do much more than track sizes. Depending on your needs, you can analyze your sales — and tweak your inventory decisions — by price point, department structure, color, gender, season or any of a broad array of variables. Your system can also be set to accomplish real-time replenishment, distribution and stock balancing

Customer Service

Beyond simple analysis, employees can use your inventory database to locate items in the store or in a sister store for customers who are looking for particular things. And it can be used to manage special ordering and layaways.

Remote Sales

A Runit POS operates on the cloud, which means you and your employees can access it with mobile devices from anywhere. Want to take your sporting goods sale on the road for the big softball tournament? The POS will let you do that, as seamlessly as if you were still in your brick-and-mortar store. Want to give employees the ability to make sales and take payments in the aisles, so customers never need to wait in line? Your POS can do that, too.

Promotions, eReceipts and eCommerce

Your POS can tell you and your employees what each customer has purchased in the past. This type of customer management can empower employees to suggest appropriate complimentary items or accessories at checkout, and you can easily target email campaigns to the clients who are most likely to respond. At the end of the day, your promotions are more effective, your customers’ time is not wasted on promotions that are irrelevant to them, and they feel as though their personal needs will always met by your stores.

Customized Programs

Runit’s POS systems are tailor made for the type of apparel, footwear, sporting goods or gift sale business you run.