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E-Commerce Integration

Connect inventory management systems with eCommerce integrations that expedite shipping and ensure order fulfillment.

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E-Commerce Integration

Connecting inventory management systems with eCommerce sites helps retailers expedite shipping and ensure order fulfillment. eCommerce integration links the two systems for bidirectional communication, ultimately improving the customer experience.

eCommerce integration enables retailers to link eCommerce stores with physical stores, capture sales analytics, and maintain your existing eCommerce store. Runit’s software includes ready-made eCommerce integrations for Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

Integrate an eCommerce Store with Physical Store Locations

Often, when physical stores and eCommerce stores are not in sync, inventory discrepancies arise, leading to a host of other problems. Integrate your eCommerce store with physical store locations to guarantee order fulfillment, inventory count accuracy, and reduce costs and delivery times.

e-commerce integration checklistLinking eCommerce to physical stores is beneficial for both retailers and customers. Retailers no longer have to worry about inadvertent sales of duplicate items, and can instead focus on customer engagement initiatives. For customers, there is a certainty that when they make a purchase online, the accurate inventory count is being shown to fulfill the order successfully.

Download the POS system checklist to discover if your inventory management system will either hinder that process or accelerate it. 

Download the Checklist to Discover if it's Time to Upgrade Your Systems

Capture Sales Analytics for Business Growth

Centralizing your software to one connected platform can improve your sales reporting and analytics data. Data accuracy is essential in knowing how many of a certain product needs to be on store shelves at all times. Having too few of the best sellers and too many of the products that don’t sell well can cost your business valuable revenue.

Runit’s software enables retailers to track both inventory and sales in real-time regardless of channel, so optimizations can be made on the fly. Optimizations include adjusting inventory to reflect sales data, changing store layouts to maximize seasonal sales opportunities, and giving customers more checkout options to expedite the process and improve their experience.

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Maintain Existing eCommerce Stores

One significant question those seeking eCommerce integration software have is, “will I be able to keep my existing eCommerce store?” The answer is yes. Ready-made connectors for Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and WooCommerce guarantee that retailers can maintain their existing stores while investing in a centralized platform to connect inventory management and eCommerce with an effective solution.

Retailers who are hesitant to invest in new technology no longer have to worry about lost data or the complexities of operating two separate systems. Integrations between systems improve retail store management leading to greater efficiency and ultimately more sales opportunities.

Connect the Path-to-Purchase with eCommerce Integration

If you’re looking for a better way to manage inventory and sales between store locations and your online presence, consider an eCommerce integration that links inventory management to your online store. This improves order fulfillment, gives retailers more insights into sales, and still allows you to keep your existing eCommerce store.

Start growing your retail business the right way with an eCommerce integration. Runit’s integrated inventory management and POS system work with eCommerce stores to deliver a seamless experience across channels. See it in action and schedule a call with a member of our team today. 


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“Software is very easy to use. Tons of reports that are available to better your business and help it run more efficiently.”

- Brian Doyre

Director of Operations, 1st Place Sports (6 Stores)
Based in Florida

“Not only is the software highly functional and packed with many informational components, the real value is that it comes at an affordable price. Add to that, the customer support that's provided is outstanding in every regard. On the rare occasions that tech support's been needed by my firm, it's been delivered in a timely manner that hasn't cost us sales, which really is what a POS system is all about.”

- Joe Glotzbier

Owner, Fleet Sports-Mahwah

"When we were looking for a solution at the time as a 19 store operation we were too big for many solutions and too small for others. We found Runit fit the bill allowing us to grow from 19 to upwards of 75 locations along with our backoffice support and integrate with our Distribution Center(s) and Online Business. The ability to grow with us rapidly at times is a major plus to Runit."

- Timothy Styler

Director, Operational Solutions & Procurement, JackRabbit (75 stores)