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Accounting: Accounts Payable

With Runit, your accounts payable are always in sync with merchandise receivables, saving you valuable time by eliminating re-entering of data—and reducing mistakes. Runit’s payable module automates much of the decision-making process of paying invoices.

Seamless payable integration means your receiving staff can create an invoice without knowing anything about accounting. Whether you are drop shipping or central receiving you are accurately recording the merchandise received, payable terms, freight, invoice numbers, additional discounts, etc.

Accounts Payable Details:

  • Keep track of vendor terms by invoice date so you can maximize your cash flow.
  • Summarize or detail the aging of the invoices, applied discounts, expense categories as well as invoice and check listings by vendor, category, and date range.
  • Process checks for invoices due in bulk or select a single invoice for payment.
  • Suppress and mark specific invoices for non-payment.
  • Expense screen tells you how much has been paid and how much is still owed for the payable.
  • Save time by setting up expenses as recurring without re-entering additional invoices each month.
  • Review and print your payment calendar, which includes open purchase orders.
  • Use the check register to help reconcile your bank account balance with projected cash requirements.
  • Track invoices by date generated, date due, invoice number, payable category, remit-to company, vendor, factor, account number and status of payable.
  • Print one or several checks at a time with the Express Check Write feature.
  • Make payments on a payable from multiple bank accounts.
  • Assign an expense category to each payable for your accountant.

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