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Real-Time Accounts Receivable Module

Get an instant, real-time snapshot of your customers’ account information with Runit’s receivables module, which tracks account sales transactions, account balances, and payments. Runit’s integrated accounts receivable provides all of your stores with instant access to customer information—their buying and payment history as well as their current account balance.

Generate your statements in bulk or by individual customer with their due dates, interest charges, late fees, and minimum payments detailed on each statement. Moreover, cashiers and sales associates can seamlessly accept on-account payments at the point of sale, keeping your business flowing while providing a high level of customer service.

Accounts Receivable Details:

  • Aging Report shows customer balances for each purchase; for 0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days and 90+ days.
  • Establish special on-account relationships such as parent/child or company/employee allowing for multiple customer sales transactions to be consolidated into a single customer balance.
  • View detailed customer information on the payment screen and enter payments on-account toward the customer open balance.
  • Customer can pay using cash, check, credit card or store credit.
  • Review and generate customer statements by the statement date or the due date.
  • Track each customer’s payments and history by statement date, due date or customer name.
  • Automatically assess interest and late charges and set up revolving statement system allowing for interest charges.
  • Statements show the necessary minimum payment and any interest or late fees that have been assessed.
  • Designate certain customers to not receive statements.
  • Statements display each receipt paid for on the customer’s account and each account payment made during the previous statement period.

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