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How can I input my starting on-hand inventory quickly?

Runit Real Time gives you several fast alternatives to manually entering items into inventory. Along with standard manual entry, you can also enter inventory items into the system by scanning items at the register, using a portable data collector, and by using a professional inventory service.

Does Runit Real Time handle in-house charging?

Yes. Runit Real Time with the Bill It module can set credit limits, take payments on account, and produce statements and mailing labels for you. It can even automatically add interest on overdue accounts.

How many items can I have in inventory?

The number is limited to the size of your hard drive installed in your computer. With the abilities of today’s computers you can have hundreds of thousands of records and items.

Is it easy to get inventory data?

Complete transaction management and ease of use assure the highest level of inventory accuracy, from receipt to issue, and transfers to adjustments, with cycle counts and full physical inventories in between. Runit Real Time allows for complete real time management of warehouse inventory and location data. Runit Real Time includes very powerful and flexible inventory […]

Can Runit Real Time automatically create purchase orders?

Yes, we can. Runit Real Time’s auto-order feature calculates suggested orders from the minimum and maximum stock levels and historical sales performance from any date range. Generate a purchase order using the pre-set minimum and maximum stock levels on items and by location. Or, create and order merchandise for a specific brand, department, season, gender, […]

Does Runit Real Time track in-transit merchandise between locations?

Yes we do. Reduce shrinkage by increasing your control over your inventory, by knowing which stores have shipped, received and are still expecting merchandise. Runit Real Time provides the ability to transfers items as well as keeps track of the merchandise that is in-transit between the locations. Use the easy-to-use quick-transfer feature at the point […]

Does Runit Real Time support automatic distribution from a receiving location or warehouse?

Runit Real Time allows easy automatic transfer of stocked items from one location to another, allowing for more efficient inventory management. Runit Real Time’s auto distribution tool offers eight methods of dispersing merchandise to your stores, meaning that stores will carry the merchandise that they need. Choose the distribution plan that meets your stores’ needs. […]