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There are so many features, what if I don’t need them all?

One of the great features of RunIt Real Time is that if you don’t want a certain feature, you can just ignore it. Runit Real Time does not require you to use every option or fill in every field. And, if later on you find a need for a feature, you can quickly incorporate it […]

Can we create our own customized reports?

Yes. Runit Real Time use Crystal Reports to provide a professional report appearance. Add your own reports to fit whatever unique needs you may have or modify existing reports.

What types of reports are available?

The Runit Real Time offers an extensive list of Crystal reports that give your business insight into sales, inventory, purchasing, receiving, customers, accounts payable, accounts receivable, taxes, and much, much more. All reports are dynamic and can be filtered, grouped and sorted by any field in the report window to display information that matters to […]

Can Runit Real Time handle foreign currencies?

Yes. You can define multiple foreign currencies to be accepted by your store and the exchange rate for each type in Runit Real Time tender type window. When the customer pays in foreign currencies, Runit will automatically convert the tendering amount into local currency. The Daily Activity report also summarizes the money collected for each […]

Can I export my data out of Runit Real Time?

Yes you can. It’s your data. Runit Real Time can export all of our hundreds of reports as well as security protected access to tables relating to sales, inventory, purchase orders, payables, accounts receivable, general ledger, customer and vendor data, enabling easy querying and exporting of the results into DBF, XML, EXCEL or TEXT formats.

If I have an old POS system, can I import its data into Runit Real Time?

Most of the time, yes you can. If your point of sale system can export data, or we can access the data files, we can help you import much of your critical data. But because every point of sale system is different, the time to correctly place your date into Runit Real Time can vary […]