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Does Runit RealTime work on the Windows and Mac operating systems?

Runit RealTime can operate on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Additionally, for those who desire mobility and the ability to check inventory or take payment throughout a store or venue, we offer Runit Open Pro, a native iPad app offering a full-featured iPad version of our Sellit POS module.

Can I integrate Runit Real Time with my web site?

We offer several ways to integrate Runit with your web store. The easiest route is our Web It module. Yahoo directly links with Web…It, providing real time updates of on-hand merchandise status and automatic downloads of sales transactions. If you have specific needs, our development staff can work with your web developers to design the […]

Can Runit keep track of gift certificates?

Yes, Runit Real Time keeps track of gift certificates that are sold as well as redeemed. Gift certificate numbers and amounts are stored in the client’s record. If the client has forgotten their gift certificate, you can easily look up the gift certificate through the client information screen.

Does Runit calculate employee commissions?

Yes, Runit Real Time program calculate commissions. There is no need for you to take time out of your busy schedule to calculate your employees’ commissions. The commissions are calculated on each receipt by item ensuring complete accuracy.

Can I use a Physical Inventory Service?

Absolutely, you can contract with an inventory service company, such as RGIS Inventory Specialist. They will scan your entire bar-coded inventory and supply you with a file containing scanned barcodes and their quantities on hand. Simply download this file into Runit Real Time module to reconcile your current on hand inventory.