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Mobile POS

Mobile POS (mPOS) extends the functionality of a retailer’s point-of-sale terminal through a smartphone, tablet or dedicated wireless device. Store owners, managers, sales associates, and customers enjoy many benefits with mPOS technology. Retail store owners and managers can monitor stores and build sales performance and inventory reports across stores. Sales associates can perform checkouts from anywhere in the store, expediting the checkout process for customers. Improvements to the in-store experience with a faster checkout can entice customers to visit one retail store over another.

Runit’s integrated inventory management and POS system has a companion mobile POS app, available in the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Sales associates can now move around the sales floor with their iPad to provide greater assistance to customers and make it easy to complete purchases.

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Perform Real-Time Sales Transactions Quickly with Mobile POS

Over the past several years, the in-store check out process has changed significantly. Mobile POS systems add another level of convenience for customers looking to make purchases quickly. Over the last few years, near field communication (NFC) technology has enabled customers to tap their mobile devices at payment terminals to complete transactions. Mobile POS systems streamline the process even further; sales associates can help customers check out from anywhere in the store.

e-commerce integration checklistThe primary responsibility of a sales associate is to provide assistance to store patrons. Customers want suggestions and quick service. Leveraging mobile POS technology, sales associates can perform real-time sales transactions quickly, providing customers with a great alternative to long checkout lines that often hinders the customer experience.

A mobile POS system can extend the functionality of your point-of-sale system. Download the guide to learn if it’s time to upgrade your inventory management and POS systems. 

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Explore Real-Time Inventory Across Store Locations

Sometimes, customers may come into a store looking for a specific item, size, or color, and it may not be in stock. However, mPOS devices enable sales associates to explore real-time inventory across store locations to identify where the desired item is available. Associates can place orders directly from their devices or inform customers where the can find the item in case they wanted to try it on before completing the purchase.

Robust mobile POS solutions, like the one Runit offers, empower sales associates to be of greater assistance to customers. Instead of walking around the sales floor often staying out of customers’ way, associates can help customers find the exact items of interest. Customers who feel that their needs are being met will be more likely to shop with those brands, building both customer loyalty and brand equity.

Monitor Sales Associates Time Logs Remotely with mPOS

Beyond improving the customer experience, managers have more insights into their stores with mPOS. On-the-go dashboards enable retail store managers to view real-time reports with inventory, sales, and sales associates time logs. This is an invaluable resource for managers who oversee multiple store locations.

Now, retail store managers no longer have to visit each location and print reports on-site. Using a mobile POS app, they can quickly see how much time associates are working in each store. Monitoring time logs can help managers optimize stores to meet the demands of the busiest hours, days, months, and season, in turn reducing overhead, wasted resources, and improve the customer experience.

Extend The Power of Point-of-Sale with Mobile POS

If you’re looking to improve store operations and customer experience consider investing in mobile POS. Extending the power of your existing point-of-sale system has myriad benefits for store owners, managers, sales associates, and even customers. Compiling multi-store reports, tracking cross-store inventory, and performing quick returns are no longer a challenge with today’s mobile POS solutions.

Runit’s omnichannel retail software integrates a cloud-based POS and inventory management system for effective retail management. In addition, the mobile POS app enables store managers and sales associates to complete actions from anywhere. The system’s broad range of capabilities includes implementing promotional discounts, processing quick returns, exploring real-time inventory, accessing sales associates’ time logs, and more. To start using our mobile POS app and inventory management system, schedule a call with a member of our team today.


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“Software is very easy to use. Tons of reports that are available to better your business and help it run more efficiently.”

- Brian Doyre

Director of Operations, 1st Place Sports (6 Stores)
Based in Florida

“Not only is the software highly functional and packed with many informational components, the real value is that it comes at an affordable price. Add to that, the customer support that's provided is outstanding in every regard. On the rare occasions that tech support's been needed by my firm, it's been delivered in a timely manner that hasn't cost us sales, which really is what a POS system is all about.”

- Joe Glotzbier

Owner, Fleet Sports-Mahwah

"When we were looking for a solution at the time as a 19 store operation we were too big for many solutions and too small for others. We found Runit fit the bill allowing us to grow from 19 to upwards of 75 locations along with our backoffice support and integrate with our Distribution Center(s) and Online Business. The ability to grow with us rapidly at times is a major plus to Runit."

- Timothy Styler

Director, Operational Solutions & Procurement, JackRabbit (75 stores)