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Unprecedented Inventory Management

Unprecedented Inventory Management

Runit combines real-time access to your critical stock information with powerful, yet easy to use inventory management tools. Real-time updates allow your business to reduce inventory across all locations and to correctly time your stock replenishment. Re-order from vendors, replenish from the warehouse and stock balance between stores using the most accurate stock information.

Our size-based inventory capability helps you understand how a particular style is performing and better maintain store levels. Each inventory item has a three level department structure, dedicated price-point field, multiple user defined categories and is tracked by vendor, brand, department, type, subtype, style, season, color, size, gender and material.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer Loyalty Programs

Manage customer loyalty by implementing a rewards program and rewarding those customers that spend the most with you. Runit increases your sales by focusing your marketing efforts and dollars into the right customers at the right time. Reach your customers via mail, phone or email. Target groups of customers who have spent a minimum dollar amount, within a date range, for a specific department, brand, style, size and more. Further focus your marketing campaign by concentrating on a specific state or zip code.

With Runit, all your stores’ customer records are always current, reflecting any additions or changes instantly to their purchase history, gift certificates/gift cards, store credits and so on. Customers can shop at any location in the city, state or the country as if they were shopping at the one closest to home. With hundreds of ways to aim your message to your customers, Runit keeps your business growing throughout the year.

Real Time Information

Real Time Information

Runit provides you real-time data so you are making decisions on the most accurate information possible. Real-time data means you can adjust stock levels on the fly to maintain adequate stock in each store, track sales in tandem at different store locations, and ensure you are never in danger of selling a product on the web while a different customer holds that same product in your store. The benefits of “real-time” are fully evident in this area.

Fully Hosted

Fully Hosted

Runit hosts, manages and continuously backs-up your system and information at secure data centers throughout the United States, thereby eliminating the typical costs borne by merchants for on-going in-house infrastructure investment and management. Runit is simple to implement and ensures that your data is always safe and secure. We automatically back-up your data across multiple locations, eliminating the possibility of being susceptible to a disaster in any single geography. With upgrades and maintenance centrally managed by our extensive round-the-clock support team, each new version will seamlessly work with your existing hardware, thus avoiding any associated infrastructure or technical staff deployment costs. No servers, no hassles, no headaches.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

How many of our competitors offer true, round-the-clock support? None. We make sure a trained technician is always there to answer the phone when you need us. Runit RealTime’s unlimited technical support is bundled within your monthly subscription. Our knowledgeable, skilled IT professionals manage upgrades, solve technical issues, answer “how to” questions and so on, so that you are managing your business and not having to budget dollars for in-house support costs.

Minimal Up-Front Cost

Minimal Up-Front Cost

Runit is a powerful, subscription based retail solution, free of term commitments, that requires a fraction of the upfront investment quoted by other systems (including no new hardware purchased in most cases). Runit is easy to use, and yet sophisticated enough to offer you “large enterprise” capabilities that until now, would have been unaffordable. Minimize your upfront capital costs and opt for our predictable, pay-as-you-go monthly subscription. Your subscription includes the rights to software use, automatic software updates, maintenance and technical support.

Tailored For Clothing

Tailored For Clothing

Clothing retail is in Runit’s DNA. We know that among the most time-consuming and expensive aspects of running a clothing retail store is forecasting trends and planning your open-to-buy. Regardless of whether your store, boutique or chain offers men’s, women’s, kid’s or infant clothing, the management of the inventory is the key to your cash-flow and profitability.

Runit’s Point of Sale Software for Apparel retailers will help you:

  • Increase sell-through with smarter management of clothing purchased.
  • Optimize each store’s inventory with real-time replenishment, distribution and stock balancing.
  • Quickly respond to each store’s sales with up-to-the-minute size and color stock levels analysis.

Tailored For Footwear

Runit knows Footwear. Our Footwear retailing customers have taught us that creating customer loyalty means delivering a superior shopping experience. Your customers expect your store’s shoe experts to anticipate the latest hot fashion trends, keep their closet stocked with the “classics”, replace the athlete’s well-worn athletic shoes or reassure mothers that their child needs a larger size shoe.

Runit’s Point of Sale Software for Footwear will help you increase sales and build stronger relationships with your customers by:

  • Improving customer service with instant access to a customer’s preferred brands, styles, sizes, widths and colors.
  • Attracting a loyal following with special orders and layaway services.
  • Boosting footwear and accessory sales with easy-to-manage commission and incentive programs for sales associates.

Tailored For Sporting Good Retailers

Runit’s POS software for Sporting Goods is able to help independent Sporting Goods retailers easily:

  • Manage both sized and non-sized items.
  • Charge for, track and report on services that are associated with inventory.
  • Handle “Good-Better-Best” merchandising and related reporting.
  • Quickly suggest accessories to customers at the point of sale.
  • Quickly suggest substitute items to customer when stock is depleted.
  • Manage equipment rentals.
  • Take the system on the road to sporting events, using a PC and wireless connection or Runit’s mobile POS system.

Tailored For Gift Retailers

At Runit, we know that independent Gift Retailers have the unique challenge of purchasing one of the broadest arrays of merchandise in retail, on a season by season basis. We also know that seasonal rushes can create long lines at the register that need to be handled professionally and quickly.

Runit’s Point of Sale Software for Gift retailers will help you to:

  • Organize and reduce inventory on-hand.
  • Make better buying and replenishment decisions.
  • Improve stock balancing between multiple stores.
  • Make the point of sale quicker with simple screens that are customized to your business and faster credit card processing.
  • Manage gift registries just the way the department stores do.
  • Easily track and manage special orders and layaways.
  • Link items that must be sold together, or as a package.
  • Offer gift receipts.